Math Biography Project

Intended Learning Outcomes

After reading a self-selected biography, the students will organize major points, sequence the events and contents, will compose fluent sentences written with varied sentence patterns, will share and respond to writing of others and will publish by sharing writing through a prepared, organized speech.


Part I:

Select three people on whom you might want to do a biography. They must be mathematicians, engineers or physicists – the physicist can NOT be Albert Einstein.

You might find these reference links useful.

For each biography you must list the name, date of birth, his or her field (i.e. math, engineering, physics) and state why you want to do a biography on him or her (e.g. why you want to learn more about this person).

Your selection must be approved by Ms. Frühbauer.

Part II:

Note that Part II is not required until your selection has been approved by Ms. Frühbauer.  However, if you wish to work ahead, you can complete the Data Gathering Sheet and submit this with your selection for extra credit.


Student Writings

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